Lizzy Blumentals

lizzy blumentals benton fitness coachLizzy Blumentals
Fitness & Health Coach

Highly qualified personal trainer with a tonne of real world experience to back it up.

Lizzy understands each & every person, with a impressive ability to nurture & support any individual through their unique journey. Lizzy is very passionate about making a change towards a holistic approach to health, fitness & nutrition.

Communication is one of many strengths Lizzy brings to the tribe, she will be there to support you every step of the way & that is guaranteed.

Not only is Lizzy experienced in the field of communication, she is an incredible motivator & trainer with the ability to push you to your limits & get the results you’ve always been craving.

Lizzy is a qualified Cert 3 & 4 Personal Trainer, Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Naturopathy & Public Health student.

Lizzy gives you the self confidence that you can achieve anything with hard work & consistency.