Benton Testimonials

Benton allows you to experience another meaning to fitness. Everyone at Benton are true professionals and passionate about everything they do. They care and create this amazing atmosphere, make your feel comfortable and part of a community.

- Jasmine Lee

"Undeniably the greatest decision my fiancé and I made in joining the Benton Gym community. The trainers are super friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgable, and the Benton community is second to none. HIGHLY recommend to anyone - beginner to advanced. Benton Gym will change your life!"

- Renee Callins

"I couldn't live without Benton Fitness now. I was exercising , doing Bootcamp, Pilates and horse riding, before I came to Benton, approximately 4 months ago.  But I needed a challenge!!! And a challenge I got !!! Who starts Crossfit at 68 years old ?!!!! I just love it and even get up early a couple of mornings a week so I don't miss out . I am not an early morning person - I stay up too late at night !!! The cross section of exercise, Bootcamp, Crossfit and Yoga ( never done that before, thank you Carly , I love it too ) keeps me on my toes . I have had amazing results in keeping my body healthy, trim and taught. The friendships I have made and the comradeship in all the classes has been amazing . And there is no one near my age !!! Thank you Lizzy, Ben, Ricky , Jess , Caitlyn, and Carly. All such patient, motivating trainers. Thank you too for welcoming me into your wonderful , healthy world !!"

- Chrissie Kerr

"Love the passion and drive for everyone to succeed no matter what level you are, or what your goals are. Felt very welcome by everyone from the minute I walked into the Benton Gym, and at Bootcamp"

- Nicole Kamminga 

"Amazing! You can't put a price on the passion Ben, Lizzy, Ricky have for their job/ lifestyle.. and for me to not feel judged even though I'm large is so lovely. What a great feeling ! What a great team"

- Remke Veness

"This is the best gym! The coaches and the vibe are great. BENTON has such a supportive environment, it's something I have never experienced. Can't recommend this place enough."

- Anouska Scarfe